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DPM Simović in Nikšić: Montenegro is strong, safe and resistant to all threats and bad intentions

DPM Simović in Nikšić: Montenegro is strong, safe and resistant to all threats and bad intentions
Published date: 27.08.2020 12:00 | Author: PR Service

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"Montenegro is strong and decisive! We have built institutions that guarantee citizens the safety and resistance to this ones and all other threats and bad intentions, regardless of the address they are coming from," said in Nikšić, Deputy Prime Minister Milutin Simović

We have built institutions that serve the citizens and guarantee progress. Institutions that guarantee stability, conditions for development, for dialogue and tolerance, for international harmony and understanding, for continuation of the Montenegros EU bid, or shortly said – conditions for Progress of both, the citizens and our country, said DPM Simović during his address on the occasion of opening new business premises in the House of Revolution in Nikšić. 

The House of Revolution 

Speaking about this facility and efforts made for its valorization, DPM Simović recalled that the facility of House of Revolution has been started four decades ago, that the facility represented insurmountable issue due to its gabardines and the condition in which it was, but that the responsible and domestic leadership of the Municipality of Nikšić decided to cope with this a decades long – challenge, after successful consolidation of the local finances and implementation of numerous capital infrastructure projects of the city. 

"Today, we are all together witnessing the results. With the support of the Government, the space around the building has been modernly arranged and equipped, parking lots have been built, and in partnership with entrepreneurs, 1,900 m2 of business premises have been reconstructed so far, in which 70 new jobs have been created so far. The reconstruction of another 1,800 m2, in which another 80 new jobs will be created soon, has been agreed. In addition, this year, work will begin on arranging the relocation space for TV Nikšić. The Government and the local self-government are jointly creating preconditions for expanding the capacity of Technopolis in this facility, with new laboratories, digital and other innovative contents," said the Deputy Prime Minister in his address.

So far, EUR 1.500.000 has been invested in the project of reconstruction and revival of the House of Revolution, and the contracted investments are worth another EUR 4 million. The Municipality of Nikšić already generates an annual income of EUR 100.000 from the lease. 

Montenegro is successfully facing all challenges

"All this clearly shows that this is a sustainable and successful project, the realization of which best testifies to how a long-term great challenge and problem can be turned into a real development opportunity with a decisive and responsible behaviour. A chance that, we can rightly say today, is in full swing of realization. Equally, we are living in a time of the coronavirus pandemic, which has brought great economic challenges across the planet, in addition to severe health problems. We in Montenegro are responsibly facing this challenge, but at the same time we see it as a kind of chance for development and as an incentive for new achievements of our economy. Reaches that need to re-ensure high rates of economic growth. Our goal is not only to preserve existing ones, but also to create numerous new jobs. The path for that is the same as with this project, the realization of which we are witnessing today - determination, excellence and vision, with the partnership of the Government, local self-government and hard-working entrepreneurs," said DPM Simović.

"Apart from all these challenges, we are also witnessing an attempt to provoke political instability. That is the last thing that citizens and our economy need now. On this occasion, I want to make it clear - Montenegro is strong and determined! We have built institutions that guarantee citizens the security and a resilience to these ones and all other threats and bad intentions, regardless of where they are coming from," said DPM Simović.

Responded to the trust of the citizens of Nikšić, we continue together

Speaking about the results achieved in Nikšić, he said that in the last few years, both urban parts of Nikšić, and suburban and rural, have taken on a new image, which speaks of commitment, determination and responsibility.

"That was our obligation and our response to the mandate of trust given to us by the citizens of Nikšić. I am sure that we will soon witness the new steps forward and the new progress, all together for the benefit of our Nikšić, the people of Nikšić and the whole of Montenegro," said Deputy Prime Minister Simović.