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National Coordination Body President Simović: Stances of responsible caterers are justified

National Coordination Body President Simović: Stances of responsible caterers are justified
Published date: 18.10.2020 17:55 | Author: PR Service

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I fully understand today's attitudes of Budva's caterers, as well as the attitudes of Nikšić's and Podgorica's caterers with whom I spoke directly. All of them are proposing, rightly, the intensified inspections supervision and sanctions for those who do not comply with the measures.

Because of such people, those ones who respect all measures and therefore do not pose a risk for the spread of the virus should not and must not suffer. In that way, responsible caterers, their work and their employees and the existence of their families are endangered.

That is not fair.

The higher epidemiological risk is posed by all mass gatherings, including weddings, celebrations on various occasions, as well as various religious and political gatherings that we witness on a daily basis. Many of those who now criticize the National Coordination Body with their personal examples have promoted and still promote non-compliance with the measures, and for the difficult epidemiological situation that has gripped the whole of Europe in a new wave, they accuse the National Coordination Body. 

Unfortunately, we are witnessing this on a daily basis and such an approach only harms and does not benefit anyone.

Also, I understood the initiatives which were launched by the National Coordination Body, regarding the new methodology proposed by the Public Health Institute and the defined incidence rates by cities to be calculated on the basis of estimation of population, which are official MONSTAT data, and not on the basis of census data from 2011.

Therefore, I hereby call on the Public Health Institute to once again consider all aspects of this proposed measure and the competent inspection bodies to do their job without excuses and without delay, so that those who should not suffer do not suffer.

The Government did everything it could. We provided money for subsidies, for additional incentives for employees in healthcare and other institutions. We have ensured that all payments are made without a day of delay. We have provided all the conditions for the health system to function efficiently. Despite numerous challenges, our healthcare system has shown its vitality and flexibility. The warehouses of medicines, medical devices and protective equipment are full. Healthcare workers have done a heroic job and they are doing their job today.

Still in June, I clearly stated my position that the economy also defends public health. We must not close the economy, but together we must learn to live with the virus. Therefore, we must not punish those who did everything to adapt to the new circumstances. On the contrary, on this occasion as well, I pay tribute to all of them for their hard work, that they have shown that we all together endure and persevere in this common struggle.